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Companies rely on Graydon to enable them to make accurate, realistic assessments about risk. Graydon utilises the most current business information available and funnels it into real time, sector-specific data and insightful analyses. From quick snapshots through to highly detailed risk assessments, companies from every sector regularly rely on Graydon's data, both UK wide and internationally.


Graydon wished to get further underneath the skin of its markets for Graydon Detect, its ground-breaking online fraud and financial crime detection solution, powered by the UK’s first and only B2B anti-fraud consortium.

With its deep and long-standing background in credit services, FM was asked to undertake in-depth qualitative research amongst senior fraud professionals within UK corporates in key sectors.

FM assisted with candidate recruitment, conducted the interviews and analysed the data to create personas for core buying profiles. The in-depth report provided a springboard for sales and marketing to engineer a tailored approach for the new service and understand better the challenges inherent to these personas.