"We needed expert help to develop an entirely fresh and jargon-free set of core values for The Barnet Group under its new CEO. Their preparation for the conference was meticulous. On the day itself, they were brilliant."

Brand Workshop

In addition to full service marketing support we offer a dedicated brand development practice – Brand Workshop.

Your brand is the soul of your service business, defined and shaped at every customer touchpoint. We can help you build your services brand to drive advantage and revenue, unite and energise teams and engage customers.

Our brand management programme is available in five interlocking modules.

Brand Workshop

Our tried and tested one day Brand Workshop process helps businesses create brands that form a shared and strongly differentiated vision, in an actionable framework.

As part of the process, we apply our brand knowledge and experience to guide senior management teams in developing and articulating their brand’s purpose, proposition and personality. Plus, we help map out the practical details of how the brand can be a unifying force that drives every area of the business. All future communications will cascade from this important session, enabling a compelling, coherent and consistent approach to market.

The Brand Workshop will:

  • Ignite your business purpose, defining the essence at the core of your brand and business
  • Spark the imaginations of your senior team through a powerful and deliverable shared vision
  • Illuminate your firm’s irresistible points of difference
  • Create an elevator pitch that enables your unique value propositions to shine
  • Deliver a marketing action plan that spreads your messages like wildfire.

During a one-day Brand Workshop, we will fully explore with you the 7 following crucial brand-building foundational elements:

Step 1 – Promise

The brand’s promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded term. For example, Volvo is ‘safety’, Harley Davidson is ‘liberating’, Disney is ‘magical’. The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a distinctive and valued experience.

Step 2 – Pillars

Supporting brand characteristics that serve as the foundation to sustain and fortify the brand.

Step 3 – Propositions

Specific, clearly defined and deliverable actions that create customer value aligned to and supporting the Brand Essence.

Step 4 – Personality

The carefully chosen words and tone of voice we use to convey brand messages with maximum empathy and impact. It is vital that in a crowded market, we avoid the stock ‘vanilla’ phrases of the industry and seek to stand out, by standing for something.

Step 5 - Proof

Identifying the sources of evidence that will endorse and underpin the credibility of the Brand Promise and Propositions.

Step 6 – Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief, prepared statement that defines a product, service or the value of an organisation in as little as a minute. Each individual within the organisation should be able to relate the value proposition to his or her own role and departmental area of focus.

Step 7 – Plan

An outline Marketing Action Plan is discussed, looking at the broad practical next steps needed for a brand launch / re-launch and ongoing communications to its key stakeholders.

Within 24 hours of the workshop, the knowledge and conclusions are compiled into a formal document to use as a foundation for building your brand. The Brand Roadmap is an encapsulation of the actionable insights uncovered during the workshop, distilled into a narrative that captures the essence of your brand. It’s also a living document, so it can evolve with your brand.

Brand Naming

A great name is the mark of a great brand. Evocative brand names inspire and unite, setting your brand apart from the crowd and creating memorable associations. An evocative brand name creates positive and lasting engagement, builds value and loyalty and creates market space, conferring equity to the brand owner.

Logo Design

In today’s crowded landscape, a strong brand cuts through noise and clutter and delivers a clear picture of who you are and the added value you bring. Whether you are looking for an evolutionary or revolutionary logo design or somewhere in between, we will develop a distinctive creative solution that differentiates your brand, so you can rise above your competition and help you with all aspects of its implementation and governance.

Website Design

A great website doesn’t just have to look great. It also has to inform, engage and inspire. It has to convey the core essence of your brand and showcase why your business is different and evidence your experience. Your site has to function brilliantly on desktop, mobile or tablet. It has to be intuitive to use and easy for you to edit. And, crucially, it must consider your customer journey and experience at every turn. Brand Workshop crafts beautiful, responsive (device-neutral) websites and collateral in line with your specific marketing and brand priorities.

Content Development

Content development provides your business with an opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge with your potential clients and partners. Used effectively, a cohesive content programme will increase engagement with your clients and stakeholders and create higher levels of enquiry generation. Let Brand Workshop help your business discover and tell its most compelling stories.

Create and Live Authentic Values as a Team

A totally bespoke values workshop session brings your entire team together to discover the genuine, authentic soul of your brand and helps you explore, analyse and achieve consensus on your core values.

From 5 people to 500, our research-driven values workshop process gives everyone a voice in creating the values they truly value, by using the latest tech and cutting-edge team coaching approaches:

  • Ignite your purpose in an authentic way, defining the essence and values at the core of your brand and your organisation;
  • Spark the imaginations of your entire team, through developing a powerful and deliverable shared vision;
  • Illuminate your irresistible points of difference.

Bringing your Brand to Life in Every Way, Every Day

A brand is built at every single touchpoint. We work across the entire organisation to support each and every team member to connect to the brand and deliver its promise, day in and day out:

Inform (Know It) – Using surveys and internal campaigns we will bring the brand to everyone and start to gain both their attention and passion.

Engage (Believe It) – Through an internal roadshow we allow everyone the opportunity to explore how they can play their part in bringing the brand alive.

Align (Live It) – We take all of our learning in the Inform and Engage stages to support the management team in creating frameworks to support alignment to the new values and behaviours, for example via recruitment, induction, performance management, training and recognition.

As a specialist, integrated agency with senior client-side experience and expertise, you can be assured that our team asks precisely the right questions to create programmes that are both cohesive and compelling. We will help you tell your story with authenticity in a way that will engage and encourage dialogue with your key audiences.

We will harmonise your communications to reflect your brand promise, pillars, propositions and tone of voice. And, we’ll seek out the critical proof points that build market authority, leadership, influence and trust.

Our team has all of the skills, knowledge and experience to convey your message in any media: digital, social, print, broadcast, ambient and experiential. But whatever we do, our focus will always be to distil, convey and amplify the value and difference that you bring.

Customer Experience (CX) is concerned with orchestrating an end-to-end journey between a customer or business introducer and a company. CX involves a wide variety of channels, platforms and touch points - from pre-purchase (awareness, research, attraction, interaction) to purchase, and then on to post-purchase (use, cultivation and advocacy).

The secret behind a successful customer experience programme is the ability to relate it to business objectives, values and specific journeys.

There are a number of reasons why building an outstanding introducer / customer experience is critical to businesses:

  • Creates a competitive advantage
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Builds lasting customer relationships
  • Fosters repeat customers and customer loyalty
  • Increases customer advocacy and referrals
  • Increases cross-selling and upselling
  • Reduces customer churn
  • Increases revenue and sales

Key strategic CX imperatives include:

  • Identifying compelling customer / channel insights for service improvement (Voice of Customer)
  • Enhancing the end-to-end experience
  • Facilitating more meaningful interactions
  • Capturing moments of delight / exciters / delighters (wow)
  • Gaining deeper insights as to how the values of your business relate to the customer experience from their lens and how they are being lived
  • Developing more effective customer acquisition / conversion
  • Improving speed to market and responsiveness where it matters most
  • Establishing a foundation for enhanced operational effectiveness and innovation centred around the Customer Experience
  • Creating stronger, long-lasting customer relationships
  • Establish how your customer experience compares with that of your competitors
  • Defining ‘what’s next’ in terms of customers’ wants, needs and expectations
  • Removing unnecessary obstacles, barriers and 'friction' from the Customer Experience