Financial marketing


"We needed expert help to develop an entirely fresh and jargon-free set of core values for The Barnet Group under its new CEO. Their preparation for the conference was meticulous. On the day itself, they were brilliant."


Bringing Brands to Life

At Financial Marketing, we collaborate with clients to create distinctive financial services brands through a proven and actionable framework.

Brand Engineering is the practice of planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a company’s brand infrastructure. It starts with a Brand Workshop, where experienced brand strategists work with your senior management team to calibrate each of your core brand foundational elements with compelling clarity – in just one day.

Discover your distinctive brand Purpose beyond the pursuit of profit – to discover your WHY. We will analyse your Positioning and create Personas that profile your customers with renewed clarity.
Define your Promise and Pillars, bringing your core values to life.
Develop your Propositions and express them with Personality.
Deploy evidence that underpins your brand and articulates your story in a memorable Pitch that will spark meaningful business conversations.

Within 48 hours you will have an actionable Brand Blueprint that details the outputs of the workshop, together with a one-page brand strategy canvas, that will define your brand at a glance.

Following the Brand Workshop, we will look with you at the next steps to engineer and energise your brand, aligned with the 5Rs of leading Financial Services brands (Relevant, Remarkable, Resilient, Reputational and Real).

Benchmark Your Financial Services Brand
In the rapidly changing world of financial services, creating a perfectly engineered brand is critical to future success. That’s why we have designed the Financial Services Brand Scorecard, to enable you to assess your brand against the key attributes of top-quartile organisations.

Take the Financial Services Brand Benchmarking Scorecard today: