Financial marketing


Global Business Insight Awards 2024

14th February 2024

We’re proud to be recognised by the Global Business Insight Awards 2024 for our customer and channel research and customer experience (CX) programmes.

At Financial Marketing, we are close to the markets that we serve and have a media agnostic approach to the way we work with our clients.

Our Customer Experience (CX) research programmes enable financial companies to delve deeper in understanding attitudes, perceptions and motivations as well as capturing their customers’ expectations and preferences.

The customer experience is concerned with orchestrating an end-to-end journey between a customer and a company. The numerous touch points that customers experience start long before and continue long after the moment of purchase / adoption.
Customer experience involves researching multiple channels, platforms and touch points – from pre-purchase (awareness, research, attraction, interaction) to purchase, and then on to post-purchase (use, cultivation and advocacy).

For an increasing number of companies, the Customer Experience is now central to every business decision that is made, from competitor mapping to product roadmap innovations and from new services development to marketing campaign creation.
There are a number of reasons why building an outstanding customer experience is critical:

We have first class experience of conducting incisive and actionable qualitative telephone survey market research across a number of sectors amongst consumer and business to business audiences, from property finance and equipment asset finance to mortgage and finance brokers and customer savings.