"Financial Marketing has become part of our business – experts in making our marketing stand out, skilled at pulling out the USPs in client case studies, adapting to the different sectors we work in with ease."


Showcasing Excellence

Promotional copywriting is littered with glowing superlatives. But if they are self-anointed, how do they answer the most important question every financial customer has – ‘Is this company a safe pair of hands?’

External validation and proof points are the most overlooked but most important aspects of financial marketing. This is because it is hard to do – it relies on capturing the authentic voice of customers who are so proud of what you have achieved for them that they are willing to put it on record.

Over the past decade, Financial Marketing has developed a centre of excellence in creating and sustaining evidenced-focused marketing programmes for its clients.

We call our approach Showcase Marketing.

It is the ability to deliver powerful insight into the skills, capabilities and competitive advantage of a financial services brand through the marketing investment in creating key marketing, evidenced-focused assets and ensuring their optimal utilisation through multiple channels to support sales.

Each showcase programme is custom-made for every client. Important markers in every programme include:

Financial Marketing has created and implemented game-changing Showcase Marketing programmes for many leading financial brands.

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