Financial marketing, branding, competitor analysis, stakeholder mapping, digital marketing strategy, marketing audits, market research and channel marketing.


Financial content strategy and scheduling, thought leadership, Tweets, microblogs, blogs, article development, content for video and podcasts, case studies and white papers.


Concepts, design and copywriting for digital and printed media, website design, development and programming, graphic design, corporate identity, corporate literature, video, newsletters and presentations.


internal and external communications, advertising, email marketing, social media, media engagement, direct marketing, advertising, event management, reputation management and telemarketing.

  • Accelerating Marketing Performance – One Day Workshop

    Where are you now? Where do you want to be? And how will you get there? This workshop will help you get to the heart of your marketing performance and objectives with compelling clarity. You will learn about:

    • Strategy: your business journey; mapping the landscape; your mission
    • Positioning: the 4Rs test; venture to the core; engineering your edge
    • Architecture: the Diamond Model; the Marketing Funnel; the Media Wheel
    • Communications: Q&A; live masterclass (examining your marketing collateral, problems and ideas); Idea Velocity (brainstorming a problem or idea)
    • Engagement: entry (hot buttons); approach (top 10 social media tips); landing (measuring and ensuring results)
  • Brand Workshop – One Day Session

    A brand is more than a logo. It's the organisation's soul and, arguably, its most valuable asset. In one day, our proven methodology will help create or kick-start a brand that gains your team's full backing. You will learn how to:

    • Ignite your business purpose, defining the essence at the core of your brand and business
    • Spark the imaginations of your management team through a powerful and deliverable shared vision
    • Illuminate your company’s irresistible points of difference
    • Create an elevator pitch that enables your unique value propositions to shine
    • Deliver a marketing action plan that spreads your messages like wildfire
  • The Value Pitch – One Day Workshop

    Pitching can make or put the brakes on your business. Give your business the edge with this essential workshop, bringing you insights from the world's greatest-ever pitches. You will learn how to:

    • Structure a winning elevator pitch using a proven, practical and repeatable process
    • Articulate what you do incisively and compellingly
    • Focus on the relevant value you deliver – and build on it throughout the pitch
    • Give your audience compelling reasons to keep listening
    • Underpin your messages and build credibility with proof points
    • Capture hearts and minds through the power of words
    • Deliver your value pitch with passion and authenticity
    • Use story-telling techniques to engage your audience during longer pitches
  • The Product Pathway – One Day Workshop

    When developing a new product or service, it is vital that you consider all possibilities and maximise every opportunity. This product-development programme will help accelerate your time to market, enhance innovation and drive decisions. You will learn how to:

    • Identify product and service gaps, and development opportunities
    • Establish an elegant product funnel, from prospect to loyal customer
    • Overcome the mundane, articulating product benefits with passion
    • Design 'products for prospects' that maximise core-product sales
    • Up-sell and cross-sell products and services more effectively
    • Consider opportunities for bundling and unbundling products and services
    • Build new product initiatives that customers want to tell others about
    • Understand how to apply the 'Boston Matrix'
    • Create a powerful product pitch
    • Brainstorm product names that resonate with your core market
    • Develop a product Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • Social Media Engagement – One Day Workshop

    Social media marketing unleashes the power to communicate with target audiences in your brand's authentic voice. This workshop will help you increase brand awareness, connect with customers and win loyal torchbearers worldwide. You will learn about:

    • Engaging audiences using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo and more
    • Blogging – writing and publishing thought-leadership articles
    • Article development and distribution
    • Webinars – conducting seminars online
    • Podcasts on iTunes
    • Crowdsourcing – harnessing the talents of prospects, introducers and joint-venture partners
    • Video content on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Leadership Communications and Networking – Six-Month Coaching Programme

    Reputations can take decades to build and minutes to destroy. Comments can go global. Smartphone interviews can go direct to the internet. This bespoke six-month coaching programme will help you survive and thrive in our connected world. You will learn about:

    • Using LinkedIn – master the latest techniques to maximise your networking opportunities and get closer to key influencers
    • Mastering presentations and public speaking – a leading conference producer will teach you how to make the biggest impact at every public-speaking opportunity
    • Tweeting, blogging and performing for the camera – learn proven company spokesperson presentation and communication techniques for corporate videos, TV and the internet
    • Interview techniques – a senior financial journalist will teach you how to handle questions from the media while getting your messages across
  • Ignite Your Personal Brand – Half-Day Mentoring Session

    This mentoring session will not only help you distil your personal brand, articulate your value proposition and create a clear roadmap to success. It will help you become seen as a thought leader and go-to person in your industry. You will learn how to:

    • Differentiate yourself from others in similar fields
    • Identify your authentic personal core brand essence
    • Connect with your cause and contribution to the world
    • Articulate your personal brand vision confidently
    • Discover your personal brand values
    • Express your messages clearly and convincingly
    • Tell your evocative, compelling and memorable brand story
    • Speak with greater authority and impact
    • Align your personal brand with customer expectations
    • Create your 'Personal Brand Book' for charting your brand journey
  • Customised Executive Coaching – Six-Month Plus Programme

    Successful coaching replaces complexity with clarity, helping people and teams achieve their potential. An experienced executive coach will support and guide you throughout your bespoke learning and development programme. You will cover such topics as:

    • Employing authentic and effective leadership
    • Creating high-performing teams
    • Developing careers
    • Resolving conflicts
    • Managing change
    • Improving performance
    • Creating and sharing the business vision
    • Embedding customer-centric behaviour
    • Networking internally and externally
    • Merging teams
    • Moving the business to the next level
    • Navigating politics
    • Planning for exiting the organisation and succession
    • Restructuring your business
    • Thinking strategically
    • Maintaining a work/life balance
    • Building personal skills, including assertiveness, anticipating problems, communication that engages and inspires, decision-making skills, embracing change, handling criticism, managing stress, persistence, risk taking and time management.