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Defining an AltFi Brand


Dedicated to funding growing SMEs whose needs are no longer being served by the traditional banking model, the business sought an integrated package of strategic support, creative direction and on-going content development to reposition the brand to reflect the strength of its institutional backing and
create a strongly differentiated proposition. Financial Marketing developed a purpose-driven brand that would connect with business owners, corporate finance advisers, accountants and brokers.


Financial Marketing was tasked with strategically and creatively overseeing the rebranding of the business. Working immersively with the business, FM developed the core essence of ‘liberated’ for ThinCats, symbolising freedom from ‘fat cat’ thinking, inefficiency and high overheads. The key elements of the programme included facilitating brand workshops, embedding the
values, defining and articulating the customer journey and experience,
directing the development of the new corporate identity and
distinctive minimalist aesthetic and writing the copy for the website and