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Founded in 2007, Acuity Associates’ mission is to strengthen finance teams through the application of The Acuity Method™, which validates accountants’ (particularly FDs’ and CFOs’) technical skills. i.e. their ability to be effective in their roles. Consequently, the business has assembled a highly talented base of associate FDs and CFOs, whose skills include readying businesses for sale and other significant liquidity events.


We live in a world in which relentless change is accepted as the ‘new normal’, creating significant and lasting implications for the present and future role of the FD / CFO. Working collaboratively with the Founder and CEO of Acuity Associates, Financial Marketing created an authoritative White Paper, '5D FD - Benchmarking the Five-Dimensional Finance Director', to explore what great looks like in a contemporary FD / CFO. Through closely examining the risks and opportunities to the organisation, the White Paper explores and confronts the modern Finance Director’s role in meeting and adapting to key business challenges, by asking the question, “Is your FD fit for purpose?” This foundational collateral is central to Acuity Associates’ new business origination strategy and has proved transformational in driving engagement and dialogue with prospects and partners.