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What’s Your Brand Challenge?

1st October 2015

We were delighted to see The Brand Challenge featured in the Canadian Business Journal. Several members of Prolific Wisdom, The Harvard Alumni Business Book Club, Mark Borkowski and Boris Tsimerinov reviewed the book and spoke with the Editor, Kartikeya Kompella.

The featured book is based on a compilation of thought-leaders’ insights on adapting branding to sectorial imperatives to which Allen Adamson (Landor Associates), Tony Allen (Dragon Rouge), Al Ries (Ries & Ries), Peter Fisk (GeniusWorks), Jeremy Hildreth (H & Co), Thomas Meyer (McKinsey & Company), Jonathan Paisner (DeSantis Breindel), Mike Symes (Financial Marketing) and 12 others contributed.

The Brand Challenge highlights possibilities in how to transfer branding rules and disciplines successfully from one field to another and enables the reader to gain an understanding of commonalities involved with building brands across industries and markets.

Financial Marketing’s contribution looks closely at financial services brands that take the road less travelled. These are financial brands that are no longer prepared to settle for the me-too. Firms that are emphatically proud to stand out by standing for something.

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