Financial marketing


What is a Financial Firebrand?

16th June 2018

In a world of relentless change, in which customers have infinite choices and unprecedented power, it’s almost impossible to compete without having a compelling brand. Creating one, however, demands passion, insight, imagination and a proven process that delivers break-through results.

Branding is a continuous process – you can’t let your fire die down to its burning embers and you have to be ever-vigilant in monitoring the flame. In existing markets, you have to fan the flames continually with the oxygen of creativity to keep your messages fresh and relevant. In new markets, you may have to set a number of small fires before the kindling starts to blaze.

One would have thought that the predictable moves towards more stringent regulation and calls for compliance would stifle brand creativity. That it would make the financial services brands less vibrant. It would appear logical that the demands to increase capital adequacy, greater transparency, heightened privacy, security and reporting requirements would curb brand innovation. Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth.

A few organisations have become Financial Firebrands. They burn brightly with a compelling purpose that sparks the imaginations of employees and customers, turning them into torchbearers. They illuminate points of difference and shine out above the rest, enabling their messages to spread like wildfire.

You can create a Firebrand:

By defining a differentiated ‘core essence’ at the heart of your brand and your business.
By reinventing your organisation to deliver your unique value propositions in a relevant and remarkable way that meets the needs of your customers, prospects and partners.
By building a heightened emotional connection with your clients at every level of engagement.
By using measurable marketing techniques across multiple channels to generate enquiry, build awareness and encourage dialogue and referral.

Financial Marketing’s brand workshop process is there to support you at every stage until you have reconnected with your burning ambition.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your torch and let’s go.