Financial marketing


The walls come tumbling down

22nd July 2016

A global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) had been wrestling with a major strategic business problem for some time.

To try and gain some perspective on the critical issue he faced, he shared his challenges and concerns with the heads of his ad agency, his digital agency and his PR agency.

In return, he got an ad campaign, a PR campaign and a digital campaign. He was disappointed with the answers, yet his epiphany was the realisation that he got exactly what he asked for.

Perhaps surprisingly in the era of integrated marketing, the mantra, “Advertising is the solution, now what’s the problem?”, not only prevails but is still firmly embedded in many established agency cultures. All of the issues that organisations face in terms of business silos are magnified by the agencies that they look to for ideas.

There is a new breed of agency that is taking a different line. One that views departmental boundaries as deeply divisive. One that sees content and design as the agents of ideas and channels as distribution and not an end in themselves.

Strategic Creativity knows no boundaries. It doesn’t do walls. Neither do we.

Let’s work together and smash them down.