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Turn Contrary Thinking into Your Competitive Advantage

29th September 2018

When you are creating your Customer Experience (CX) strategy, try some of these contrary creative techniques. It’s incredible what truths they can unveil.

Figure out what everybody else is not doing, rather than focus on what they are. Then see how you may be able to turn that gap into your distinctive competitive advantage.

State your problem or opportunity in reverse. It’s actually far easier to think negatively. List all the ways you could make customer services bad, how you would set about decreasing sales or even establish what would make a poor product. Then reverse your thought process to create an unbreakable process. What would you learn from this exercise that you could apply to your customer experience?

It’s just as important to know what your brand does not represent, as to what it does. Try to define the qualities that you shouldn’t embrace.

Search thesaurus antonyms. By looking at the attributes that are inconsistent or oppositional to your brand, product or service, you can define what your brand should represent in the minds of your clients with far greater clarity.

Every attribute, concept or idea gains a heightened contextual meaning through the relationship it has with its opposite. Now is a good time for organisations to learn to see things backwards, inside out, and upside down – a strategic position that suggests the antithesis of failure!