Financial marketing


The 10 Immutable Laws of Innovation

20th January 2016

Here are ten “laws” that will help you think even more innovatively about building your financial brand:

The Law of Intelligence – don’t make important brand decisions in a vacuum.

The Law of Interpretation – listen closely to the market when you’re treading new ground.

The Law of Impact – be distinctive, bold and original – if you can’t lead your existing segment in positioning terms, create a new segment you can lead.

The Law of Invention – invest time in developing or re-inventing your core brand essence, brand pillars and unique value propositions.

The Law of Inspiration – think creatively to differentiate your brand, solve a specific problem or create a specific opportunity.

The Law of Image – focus on maintaining a consistent, coherent image that resonates with your core market.

The Law of Integration – gain organizational commitment at every level.

The Law of Impression – reverse-engineer your brand from the perceptions you wish to create in the prospect’s mind.

The Law of Interaction – engage in conversations with customers, encourage a dialogue of ideas.

The Law of Influence – identify how you can gain great testimonials and referrals as a result of your commitment to continued innovation.