Financial marketing


Powerful Partnerships – The 4Cs

10th June 2017

Financial Marketing use the 4Cs model for the purpose of assessing partnerships and this takes into account the following criteria:

Congruence – first, we examine the closeness of fit to the client’s existing introducer base – size, structure, geography and service / product gaps etc.
Contacts – then we look at the network base (the intro- ducers’ client base) and identify how closely this matches with the type of business we are looking for.
Culture – we assess the beliefs and cultural fit of the leading players.
Commitment – and we look at the level of commitment they have to the partnership – shared project marketing budgets, direct mail, PR and news bulletins, other joint promotions to accelerate business development.

Consider connecting by:

Industry or sector (direct or partner channel association with a market).
Wants and desires (synergy with the same end-game in mind).
Beliefs and culture (cause related association with like- minded individuals and groups).