Financial marketing


Playing it Safe in Financial Marketing is a High Risk Strategy

29th November 2018

There is great quote from Seth Godin. It says: “Professional service marketing is certainly among the safest I’ve seen. Because it appears to take no risks, it’s actually quite risky.”

Since safe marketing approaches are, by definition, quite so unremarkable and consequently go unnoticed, these are the ones that put your marketing investment at the highest risk.

Ironically, if you want to be truly risk-averse and protect the future of your business and your brand, it’s time to stop being quite so ‘safe’ and identify how you can stand out.

Without differentiated positioning, organisations become commodity driven, unable to command sustainable growth and superior profitability.

Positioning is the strategic ownership of exclusive value in the hearts and minds of your customers, enabling your brand to occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands. It’s what gives them reasons to buy your brand, to be loyal to your business, to become an active referral source for you.

Tangible value propositions form the evidence that underpins your brand – but a truly strong position goes beyond these tangible factors, making powerful and emotive connections.

It’s time to stand out by standing for something.