Financial marketing


How good is your hand?

13th February 2017

Fragmented media options, intense competition, globalisation and ever-tightly controlled marketing budgets are a fact of modern business life, particularly in financial services.

At a time when the stakes have never been higher, how do you cut through?

TRUE Creativity and Innovation consists of SEEING what everyone else has seen, THINKING what no one else has thought, and DOING what no one else has dared!

Big ideas break rules. Shatter conventions. Challenge the status quo.

What characterises them is their total and uncompromising shift away from what has gone before. They smash through the entire safe, culturally embedded biases and conventions that shape standard approaches to business thinking. A big idea must be pursued with conviction, passion, courage, credibility, tenacity and decisiveness. Sounds exciting? It is.

That’s why it is worthwhile being alive to some of the ‘creativity blockers’ that could inhibit you from being able to light up your brand.

Here are just a few:

Inflexible strategies / unchallenged rules
Existing paradigms / sacred cows
Habit / routines / comfort levels
Fear of consequences / making mistakes / change
Not invented here syndrome
Upbringing and beliefs at odds with your target audience
Outdated thinking / knowledge
Self-doubt and self-criticism
Rational (only) thinking
Being too close to the market you serve
Fear of appearing stupid / childish
Unwillingness to play games
Lack of time
Address these issues head-on and you are really creating a financial marketing business culture that will enable you to shine out in your market.