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Have you seen my email?

22nd November 2022

We read a mind-boggling statistic that we send and receive over 300 billion emails a day across the world.

300 billion! Let’s just let that sink in…..

So, if the competition for attention is so stiff, why are so many emails so awful?

There’s no doubt that email is alive and well. But sadly, through the pandemic and after, it appears to be used with increasing cheapness and desperation.

If it’s possible to summarise the strategy behind so many emails it is this….

‘If we throw as much of this against the wall, some of it is bound to stick’

It’s such a shame, as there is rarely a second chance after a bad first contact.

Here’s a few excerpts of emails received recently, with the immediate reactions they created.

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to reach out and let you know about our new referral program. If you’d like an easy way to build a lucrative personal side hustle…..and we’ll pay you 10% of any resulting revenue for 12 months.
(Trouble is I didn’t keep the original email and so I have no information in this email about the product, so offering me money is not moving me toward any action)

We are based in the UK of England (really we are) only.
(That’s called shooting yourself in the foot)

Just want to check if you got a chance to have a look at my previous email? Let’s schedule a time to connect on a call to discuss digital marketing (SEO, PPC and SMO)…
(Again, no recap of the original pitch and so this email does not help move me toward any action)

I’ve tried to reach you a few times and want to ensure I’m not creating unnecessary email traffic for you. Is now not the right time to speak? I’m persisting because I believe that our discussion will be of help to your business.
(This comes across as a wee bit aggressive to be honest and would therefore be ignored)

Hi (first name) … just kidding. Hey, I am a real human unless this is all just a simulation of course, but then we are both in the same boat.
(Gimmicks, especially Matrix jokes, just don’t work well)

Email is basically about applying common sense and putting in the necessary prep time.

Here’s our simple pointers:

• Know your prospect
• Create an attention-grabbing header
• Use a polite and personalised salutation
• Match your offering to their needs
• Keep it short
• Keep it easily digestible
• Employ impeccable spelling and grammar
• Have a strong call to action

As we close 2022, with new words entering the dictionary to describe our contemporary woes (permacrisis), let’s all make life a little lighter and make a pact to love email again and give it the craft it deserves.

If you need some help we would be delighted to support you.