Financial marketing


Happy Birthday To Us!

4th April 2016

Four and a half years ago we all met for a catchup. After many years of support and collaboration in our various roles and businesses, this was nothing unusual.

But this was no ordinary catchup. We had a germ of an idea for a new agency. The full service financial and professional services agency we would have liked to have hired when we were working client side. An agency that offered clarity in its pricing and that brought genuine expertise and the full toolkit of modern marketing together under one roof. One that, above all, valued service, flexibility and speed, enabling clients to remain agile.

Six months of planning and Financial Marketing opened its doors. In the following four years we have enjoyed a wealth of great clients, exciting projects and a vast span of work. Our skills in strategy, design, content, brand, media and channels have been embedded into every project to create the best possible outcome every time.

So what’s next for Financial Marketing? It might sound dull to say ‘more of the same’, so we’ll settle for ‘business as unusual’. Because, with a model clients love, a great team and an open mind to opportunity and creativity, we can honestly say that we love the craft of what we do and the difference we bring to our clients in enabling them to shine.

To mark the occasion, we have published four new marketing papers, which we hope you’ll find interesting. You can read them here.

We’ve updated our site in other ways too, so please feel free to take a look around.

A very big thank you to our clients, friends and team for everything they have done to make today happen.