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Free Marketing Sessions for Small Businesses. Join us at 3pm on Thursday 2 April

27th March 2020

FM had its inaugural free marketing session for small businesses yesterday and what a great session it turned out to be!

We had a fantastic bunch of attendees all keen to help each other to solve the issues and challenges everyone brought to the session.

What we are all learning fast from the current situation is that adaptation, resilience and enterprise are the names of the game.

In our first session we covered everything from making the most from social media to avoid your brand going dark, to how to deliver targeted and relevant communications to clients and prospects who are in a state of overload.

We also examined the role of tone and the need to be mindful and empathetic in our marketing communications, plus the importance of ‘old school’ activities in the current world, such as picking up the phone and making calls.

There was also a very practical discussion about the fact that cash is currently king and the difficult choices all businesses are being faced with.

Our next session is at 3pm on Thursday 2 April.

We hope you can join us.

It’s free, and all you need is a pen, a pad and your marketing problems.

To book your place, simply email us at and headline the email 3 on Thursday.