Financial marketing


Four Vital Brand Attributes For Financial Marketing Success.

19th June 2015

Creating an authentic brand is your ‘soul’ concern…

What does it generally mean to you when a company announces that it has rebranded? Does it conjure up the alignment of a culture, the distillation of a cause, a uniting of purpose, for the benefit of clients and customers? Or does it simply mean a design change to a logo?

In a services organisation, brand is a function of the interactions of people, internally and externally. It is its soul.

Financial services brands succeed when they stand for something. They achieve a deeper level of brand engagement that transcends table-stakes claims of ‘flexibility’, or ‘quality’, or ‘tailored solutions’. As a result, they become inspirational and they have four vital brand attributes in common – the 4 R’s: Relevant, Remarkable, Reputational and Real.

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