Financial marketing


7 Year Itch? Yes! But It’s Not What You Think!

31st January 2019

Financial Marketing is celebrating its 7th birthday! Time does indeed fly!

7 years ago we opened the doors and never looked back.

There’s an old fable about the ‘7-year itch’, that after 7 years things become a bit ‘samey’. Reflecting back on our time, we think we have always had an itch we have been unable to scratch.

This comes down to one simple fact. We have always been looking at ways of making sure that we are a proper full-service agency.

Full On
With 20+ years a piece in financial marketing, as both clients and agency people, we have pretty much designed and implemented every flavour of marketing going.

So, over the past 7 years, we have always been itching to show all our capabilities.

We have developed new brands, created fresh campaigns and produced every type of written and visual content. We have also undertaken an extensive portfolio of research projects, especially Customer Experience programmes to really get to the bottom of how brands are behaving in the real world.

Add to this some really cool affinity marketing, helping bring new banks to market, putting on some memorable events, a little dash of crisis management and launching our specialist brand development consultancy and you can see that we have not been scratching about (pardon the pun) for things to do.

Where Does it All Go from Here?

It is clear that we live in dynamic times. Our clients are launching some really engaging marketing initiatives to continue to drive their businesses forward. It is more important than ever to be found interesting and demand for our content creativity is subsequently stronger than ever.

Our Brand Workshop programme is taking our brand building skill set beyond financial and professional services and undertaking some fantastic work. For example, we recently undertook a Values session with a 300 strong team. They were each able to vote live and engage through every step of the creation of a shared vision of who they are.

This is the stuff that we have an itch for – impactful, immediate and engaging ways to make organisations shine.

So, we are going to quickly blow the candles out, make a wish, scoff the cake and keep on keeping on.

Thank you to all our clients and friends for making this so much fun.