Financial marketing


Facebook, not Fakebook

20th July 2014

In a world of social networks, where all of a financial organisation’s actions and motivations are laid bare, only those which are genuine, transparent and live their values will achieve trust. Your positioning and messaging have to be authentic – and you have to stay true to them – no matter what.

As Al and Laura Reis said: “The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is its claim to authenticity”.

Branding is not about ‘spin’. It doesn’t matter what products or services you provide, if the brand story doesn’t ring true or is superficial, because the company doesn’t really ‘own’ it, then your customers and employees will see through it.

The most fully engaged communities form around ideas or causes that bind their members through common missions, goals and beliefs, rather than the provision of company or product sales pages.

Living the brand has everything to do with authenticity, clarity and differentiation. The core essence of your brand must be rooted in, reflect and strengthen the culture of your organisation before it can ever become a reality to your customers.