Financial marketing


Show The World You Are Gold Standard

16th July 2021

After a hiatus in 2020 Incisive Media’s Gold Standard Awards are back – the award for those firms that are willing to demonstrate that customers are truly at the centre of their world.

For 10 years now it has been a privilege and a pleasure for one of our Directors to be a judge on the awards. They are without doubt one of the most rigorous sets of awards in financial services. The awards assess a wide range of factors to gain a rounded picture of whether there are structures in place that have the customer at heart and are sustainable enough to meet the requirements of an ever-evolving financial services sector.

Through true customer centricity comes trust and that is an important aim for the whole industry.

Better customer outcomes are not a regulatory tick box. They are a business imperative. We need to continually raise our game and the Gold Standard Awards play a vital role in this process.

Financial services firms that have a well-established corporate culture, alongside transparent structures and procedures, are in the best position to demonstrate they are achieving higher standards to help build a better, more sustainable, financial services sector in the UK.

Put distance between you and your competitors and prepare your 2021 submission.