Financial marketing


Cobbler’s Shoes

27th February 2020

Or how Financial Marketing handled its own brand re-alignment project for its 8th anniversary

Have you heard the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker? It’s about a shoemaker who receives help from three elves. It’s frequently used as shorthand for working so hard helping others that it’s all too easy to miss out on doing things for yourselves.

Rather than waiting for elvish intervention we decided to start our own project to re-align our brand to Financial Marketing 2020 and manifest it in a new site and identity.

What helped us immensely was using our own one-day Brand Workshop process on ourselves and applying tried and trusted process to the project.

During a one-day Brand Workshop, we explore 7 crucial brand-building foundational elements with our client’s management team:

Promise – Expressing the brand’s promise in the simplest, most single-minded term;
Pillars – Supporting brand characteristics that serve as the foundation to sustain and fortify the brand;
Propositions – Defining specific and deliverable value propositions aligned to and supporting the brand promise;
Personality – Selecting the words and tone of voice that will be used to convey brand messages with maximum empathy and impact;
Proof – Identifying the sources of evidence that will endorse and underpin the credibility of the Brand Promise and Propositions;
Pitch – Distilling and defining the value an organisation provides in as little as a minute.
Far from being Grimm, our Brand Workshop flowed exceptionally well and was as energising for us as it is for our clients. It’s exciting to experience that ‘lightbulb moment’ when everyone in the room says “Yes! That’s us!’.

So, who are we today? Our own Promise is simple….

Experience, the difference.

What we offer distils down into something that runs through us like a stick of rock – we have a great deal of marketing experience spanning every area of the mix that we have applied to a myriad of financial services, and services businesses. It’s that core element that delivers the goods consistently.

We have always tried to be straightforward and practical. So our Pitch runs along the same lines…….

Financial Marketing (FM) is a full service marketing agency founded on experience and headquartered in the City of London.

As a trusted marketing adviser to leading financial and services brands, Financial Marketing offers a breadth and depth of expertise that spans strategy, design, content, research, brand, media and channels.

We bring decades of industry and marketing knowledge to the most complex challenges, with ideas rooted in insight and great customer outcomes.

For Proof we were humbled by a swathe of fantastic testimonials that were given to us.

We hope you like our new website and what our agency looks like today.

And if you ever need a Brand Workshop process to re-align and breathe new energy into your brand give us a call for some elvish intervention of your own.