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Benchmark Your Financial Brand

6th July 2022

The market is full of similar businesses with similar profiles offering similar products and services. The visions of financial services businesses are often identical and value propositions such as ‘fast’, ‘flexible’ and ‘great customer service’ are ubiquitous. We also inhabit a financial environment in which technological advantage can be fleeting.

In the rapidly changing world of financial services, creating a perfectly engineered brand is critical to future success.

That’s why we have designed the Financial Services Brand Scorecard, to enable businesses in the sector to assess their brands against the key attributes of top-quartile organisations.

• The Financial Services Brand Scorecard is a free assessment tool
• It takes just 2 minutes to complete
• You’ll receive your customised results instantly

Answer 20 questions and we’ll send you a personalised report
A service brand is a sophisticated asset made of messaging and behaviours. Each of the aspects we have explored is important and combine to deliver a powerful brand.

Take the Financial Services Brand Scorecard and benchmark your business against the best.

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